Private Dining
a room with chairs and tables

Private Dining Michigan

Reserved Elegance

a building with chairs and tables outside

The Patio Terrace

As French doors open with a flourish, take the Vintner experience outdoors to a private patio terrace. This serene enclave allows diners to spread out and unwind. Get cozy by the fire pits on this terrace, adding an 'al fresco' dimension to your evening, and a quiet moment to count the stars.

a room with tables and chairs

Vintner I

Vintner spreads across 500 elegant square feet to accommodate intimate gatherings. With the capacity to comfortably host up to 15 guests, the ambiance in Vintner I exudes elevated Italian warmth and sophistication, ensuring that every moment spent within its walls is memorable.

a room with chairs and tables

Vintner II

Adjacent to Vintner I, Vintner II offers the other side of charm. While also spanning 500 square feet, this space effortlessly blends congeniality with functionality. Tailored for gatherings that demand a touch of allure, Vintner II can host up to 15 guests, providing an ambiance that encourages conversation and culinary experimentation.

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